Choosing a heritage bricklayer

Don't entrust your restoration project to bricklayers without heritage skills. The tips below will help you pick the right team for the job!

How to choose the right contractor for your project

Georgian Brickwork is regularly asked to come and sort out problems that have arisen solely because the original contractor was not knowledgeable or skilful enough to do the work properly in the first place!

Your initial search for a contractor may be via the internet.  This search will no doubt highlight many specialist brickwork companies all of whom proclaim via their website that they have a wealth of experience and can provide you with exactly the service you are looking for.

Georgian Brickwork is no different! Many of our enquiries come via our website and we are proud that our project gallery shows brickwork that we have personally undertaken –either for our own clients, or on behalf of other contractors who bring us in to provide the specialist support for their contract.

So, how can you tell whether the contractor has the expertise you are looking for? The tips below are intended to help you establish whether the contractors who you are considering actually have the expertise to do the job!


Ask them!

Reputable contractors will be able to talk at length about the work on their website.  At the very least they will know the name of the client, the address of the job, and when they completed it.  If a contractor is unable to supply any other details about the photographs they show on their website then it might be safer to assume that it isn’t actually their work!

Seek References:

If you see an image on a contractor’s website that illustrates the look you want for your own property then ask the contractor to put you in touch with their client so that you can seek a reference on their workmanship. Once again, if a contractor is unwilling to supply further details it raises questions about the extent of their involvement in the project....

Seek advice from other trades and professions:

The building industry involves many trades and professions so it is always worth asking others  for a recommendation. If you are using an architect they may well have worked on similar projects and be able to provide you with details of suitable brickwork contractors.  If your building is listed you may be in contact with your local planning officer with regard to getting listed building consent.  They may not actually ‘recommend’ a specific contractor but they may hold a list of local contractors with relevant skills to help you narrow down your search.  Georgian Brickwork often gets enquiries arising from recommendations from other trades, such as roofers and painters, and of course where we see other trades offering a high quality service we are happy to return the favour!

Look around your neighbourhood:

Are there other properties similar to yours also undergoing repairs and restoration to the brickwork.  Have a chat with the bricklayer. Ask for a card. Pop a note through the homeowners door and ask for their opinion on the contractor they are using.  Georgian Brickwork recognises that ‘word of mouth’ recommendations are invaluable and we are always delighted when our clients pass on our details.

Remember you will get what you pay for:

In the end, your budget will be a key factor when it comes to appointing a contractor to carry out your repairs. This is entirely understandable, but it is worth remembering that you get what you pay for! Don’t assume that the workmanship will be the same quality if the costs are lower.  A cheaper quote may mean a poorer finish! For example, the contractor may use inferior materials to keep costs within the budget, or may rush the job to get it done, so as not to lose any small profit margin.

The Georgian Brickwork team are highly experienced and well regarded craftsmen with many years experience.  We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their vision for their property is realised.  A quote from Georgian Brickwork includes a breakdown of the costs and where appropriate we can offer references from clients or visits to other similar properties that we have worked on.  We also provide test panels and liaise with local conservation officers as part of our commitment to offer a high quality service to our clients.