Tuck Pointing, Ramsgate

Sympathetic repairs to a Grade II listed property in Ramsgate

This once beautiful Grade II listed property had fallen into disrepair and needed careful repairs and restoration to address both the internal and external problems and give it a new lease of life. Georgian Brickwork were appointed by the developer, 20 Property Group to restore the brickwork as part of their ongoing renovation of the property.  As can been seen in the photograph below,  a second floor had been added at some point in its history, and the remains of the original tuck pointing could be seen in the brick joints on the front elevation. Whilst the side and rear elevations had originally been pointed using a simpler joint.

Work undertaken:

Georgian Brickwork undertook an extensive programme of restoration across the side and rear elevations.   The brickwork was cleaned and the lime mortar mix was carefully matched. However, adhering to the principle of minimum intervention, only those areas where the original pointing had failed were raked out and repointed.  On the front elevation it was agreed with the local conservation officer that the brickwork would be repointed using a traditional tuck pointing method.  The window arches on the side elevation were also tuck pointed. Tuck pointing uses two different colours of mortar.  The first colour is matched to the bricks and the second colour is a fine ribbon of lime putty.  This is applied across the top of the brick coloured mortar and gives the impression of a very fine mortar joint -similar to gauged work.

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